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Power-ranking the 10 Best Hot Sauces on Earth

Hot sauce has been a major part of man’s eating habits since the dawn of time, when Cro-Magnon men looked at their meals of seeds, roots, nuts, and mammoth meat, didn’t put hot sauce on them, and then subsequently died off — replaced by better-looking, cooler humans who did. So, to celebrate those more handsome, smarter humans, we decided to taste-test and rank the 10 most popular hot sauces in the US. Each sauce was judged on texture, taste, spice, heat, and “how badly we wanted to put it on everything”.

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How To Peel A Potato In 5 Seconds, WOW!

Raise your  hand if you hate peeling baked potatoes?  Yep, just as I thought, all of us . I came across this video that will help save time and your scalded hands in the process. I love baked potatoes, and now I am good to go. I am a sucker for buying stuff, AS SEEN ON T.V. but, after I saw this video I went home and tried it so, I can attest this will work.

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Avocados are doggone good, but are they good for canines?

Though many dogs love avocados, words of warning are posted on the ASPCA Web page regarding the dangers of this popular fruit. While the oil from an avocado is known to give a pup a shiny coat, pet owners must be kept up to date on any sinister side effects.

Both the ASPCA and APCC (Animal Poison Control Center) have listed that persin, an element in avocados, is known to be toxic to pets. They note it can damage tissue in animals, including, but not limited to, the lungs and heart. Additionally, the high fatty content in avocados can physically provoke severe stomach problems, vomiting, or even worse, pancreatitis.

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